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    The first story in the Mott series is already here! Learn more about the tiny creatures and their extraordinary adventures.



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    These fascinating creatures find plenty of adventures and brave quests that will change the world of children and adults forever. An unforgettable journey awaits you in the first book about these tiny fluffy creatures. Are you coming with us?

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  • Coming soon

    The exciting second book in The Mott series will be coming out soon. Mux Strikes Back follows Mux’s struggle with his stinky cousins.

  • Motts

  • PAGU

    I am delicate and graceful. Well, obviously – I’m a princess after all! I only wake up when my court Motts have stroked me at least seven times. That's how life is going to be until my Prince Mott arrives. He has to be tall and blond with blue eyes, and he must be riding a white horse… but that’s from another story, I suppose. All I know is that the prince of my dreams will be cheerful and beaming! Unfortunately, I am very worried now because people have become sad and brooding. We have to figure out how to help them as soon as possible.

  • MUX

    I’m a small and fluffy Mott. I live in the wardrobe and I love clothes more than anything. I may be small, but I’m always smiling and am ready to face any challenge. Also, when I get inspired, I write wonderful poems. Like now, for example – “Mux is brave, Mux is good, Mux is so cute!” Oh dear, just imagine if the princess told me that - I would be on cloud nine! True, I may toot out of uneasiness now and then, but that doesn’t make me ill mannered. Now, you might not know this, but the Princess happens to be the most beautiful creature in the entire kingdom of Mottland!


    My name is Pinky and I really like eating snacks. My favourite snacks are strawberries and apples, but I also like peaches, bananas, grapes and strawberries …did I already mention those? Strawberry pie is an all-time favourite of mine! Aside from fruits, I like baked beans as well, although they make me toot… a lot! To be honest, strawberries make me toot too! Frankly, I think I would eat anything I find in the fridge. Once, I found a bar of soap and ate that too. That made me hiccup for a whole week with bubbles coming out my mouth. But come on…who puts soap in the fridge?!


    “Goula is what they call me and in one second only, I can make a big mess or save a friend in distress. Why do I rhyme all the time? I can’t really tell, but… oh well. I even tooted, oh yay!Let’s all shout out hip, hip, hooray!”

    Psssh, that’s the poem Mux wrote me. It’s boring, isn’t it? And I thought he was a good friend of mine! We spent so much time together when we were little having fun and playing tricks on the other Motts. Those were good times. Of course, sometimes we got into trouble, but we’ve been inseparable since then. Isn’t that what friendship is all about?

  • BOOK

  • I’m sure that you also know a playful, fluffy mott who makes all kinds of mischief that lives in your house. So why then, you ask, haven’t you seen it? Well, motts are definitely very strange creatures and they never show themselves to people since it is so hard to win their trust. However, that is all about to change. A brave, little mott is about to take on a difficult task. He will think of a way to make people a bit brighter and the world a little bit kinder. Not a simple task, but he is up to the challenge.

    Author: Rady Nikolova
    Illustrator: Melina - Elina Bondokova

  • Author

    Radostina Nikolova (author)
  • „The idea for The Adventures of the Motts came up suddenly, almost in jest. Actually, it was my husband Andrei who suggested the idea. I can safely call him “an inexhaustible source of all kinds of nonsense”.

    Writing a book has never been my goal, but at one point, I felt tempted to bring the tiny Motts to life and put their incredible story down on paper. Once this was done, the Motts discovered the wonderful world of our imagination and decided to settle there permanently. They even invited some of their friends (as well as some foes) along for the journey. Despite their tiny size, they have shown just how big their hearts really were. It was great fun for me to share the extraordinary adventures of these strange creatures. I truly hope that you and your little angels will find this book as entertaining and endearing as it is for us."

    Rady Nikolova

    Contact me at Radi@mottsthebook.com
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