Bulgarian Award-winning Children’s Author Radostina Nikolova Gives A Brand New Story To Her Readers As A Christmas Present

December 22nd, 2016


“But, Santa, we tried to tell you,” Rudolph shouted. That one-antlered deer cannot pull a sleeeeeeeeeeeeeigh…” While he was in the midst of saying that, the sleigh unexpectedly flew at a mighty speed towards something that looked like a hole in the ground.


Radostina Nikolova, author of The Adventures of the Motts kids’ books series and the brand new book My Beautiful Antlers gives a magical Christmas story as a present to her youngest readers. Christmas VUnders in the World of the Motts is a tale featuring few main characters from all of her books – the motts Pagu and Mux, the Hugging monster, and the one-antlered deer Vundabah. But that’s not all. She also invited Santa and all of his deer to share the adventure. The online version of the story can be downloaded completely free of charge on Goodreads or from the page of the book www.mottsthebook/XmassStory

In 2014 Nikolova won the prestigious Literary Children’s Choice Award Magic Pearl, and has 6 published books so far. This Christmas she brings together a few characters from all of her books in a crazy adventure that puts the Christmas celebration in jeopardy.


“Even though My Beautiful Antlers was published at the end of November, I couldn’t resist the temptation to create this magical Christmas story as a special gift to my fans. Christmas VUnders in the World of the Motts is my way to say how grateful I am for their support in the past three years,” said Radostina (30).

When princess of the motts Pagu and her friend Mux initially came up with a plan to spy on Santa, they didn’t expect to run into the one-antlered and extremely talkative deer Vundabah (Vu for short). And what could possibly go wrong if a grumpy Santa, a bunch of careless deer and two mischievous motts get together? Well, anything is possible!

The free distributed Christmas story is beautifully illustrated by Melina-Elina Bondokova. Radostina and Melina-Elina have been working as a team ever since Nikolova completed her first book back in 2013. “The idea of Christmas VUnders in the World of the Motts was born literally days ago, and Mel managed to react extremely quickly. She gathered all the characters together despite the fact that they originally come from different books with a different style of the illustrations inside”, added Nikolova.

What happens when Vu changes places with poor Comet in the team of Santa’s deer by accident and all of them fall into the hands of the Hugging monster? Kids can find out when they download for free Christmas Vunders in the World of the Motts from this link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33385577.

About Radostina Nikolova


Radostina Nikolova is an online marketing specialist by profession. Her debut as a writer was in 2013 with the book Hello, Brand-new Day from the The Adventures of the Motts series. The book won Children’s Choice Award Magic Pearl in 2014 a couple of months after its release. Apart from the three books of the sequel, she wrote yet another series: The tales from the World of the Motts, and her latest book My Beautiful Antlers.

About the sequel The Adventures of the Motts

The good-hearted motts and their stinky ill-mannered cousins, the modds, are fascinating creatures. They find plenty of adventures and brave quests that will change the world of children and adults forever. An unforgettable journey awaits to take you on the wildest ride of your imagination. Get ready for a lot of fun, hugs, love, fights and emotions. Are you ready?


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About the book My Beautiful Antlers


Vundabah the deer has only one antler but isn’t that sparkle in his eyes just lovely! A naive swallow with a brave heart and a silent ladybird keep him company. But what would happen if his delicate world shattered into pieces? Will he ever find the strength to convince himself once again that everything in life, bitter or sweet, always happens for a reason?


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